My name is Angelo Pizarro and I like to draw comics. Like, a lot.

This website serves as an easily-navigated compendium of all the comic work I've done. I've always had an online prescence in one way or another, but for reasons unclear to me, not my own website for quite some time ( I used to have a site on a free host that lasted for a couple of years until the provider got some technical difficulties), but I've decided to ressurect my humble internet abode and thus Funky Cats 2.0 was born!

Unlike most webcomics, I've adapted a more traditional approach remenicent of printed comics - Comics are organized into seperate issues making it easy to pick up anywhere and start reading.

Also, unlike most webcomics, I do not focus on any single series, but a plethora of them. Think of it as a variety show of sorts, having several recurring series under one big umbrella. The reason for this is to keep myself motivated as it's easy to get bored if if I work on one single comic for too long. A little variety is always nice! But if you like a certain series more than the others, don't hesitate to drop me a line and tell me! Criticism is welcome as well. Contact me here.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Stay funky!