Bonkie is a timid newspaper journalist who works at "The Daily Fuzz", a local paper distributed only in his hometown, Whiskerville (Häckleholm), Sweden. A good-natured fellow at heart, his morals will sometimes come at odds with his career, as seedy tacticts might be required to get a hold of the next big scoop! This constant struggle of balancing ethics with his job is an eternal dilemma for this poor tabby.

Generally having an aversion towards excitement and adventure, Bonkie prefers the simple life, but will nontheless find himself reluctantly partaking in high-flying adventures, partly thanks to the assignments given to him by his boss or due to the circumstances arising around the eccentric people he calls his friends and family.

Having severe self-esteem issues and being prone to light depressions, Bonkie's faith in himself would be described as "frail" at best. Easily crushed by setbacks, what he considers having a firm grasp on his own strengths and weaknesses, is merely a weak ego making excuses.

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The Editor-in-Chief
Despite his short stature, this bite-sized canine can be a force to be reckoned with. Being the business operator and owner of "The Daily Fuzz" he has the ultimate say of what or what does not go to print. Going by many descriptive titles such as "boss" or "chief", he remains nameless, referred to only by such formal epithets.

He's highly bipolar, showing a wide range of mood swings, in particular when dealing with something that gives him a strong emotional reaction. This renders him less of a team player and more of a rabid dictator, although he always has the newspaper's best intentions in mind. He genuinely cares about his profession, wanting to produce the best coverage in town, at any price, even going as far as resorting to questionable tactics in order to accomplish this.

While the relations to all his employees are at least somewhat strained thanks to his emotional instability, Bonkie is the one who gets the worst end of the stick. Partly because of his mild-mannered nature (ill-fitting to that of a journalist according to the chief) but also because Bonkie usually has to sacrifice his ethical principles in order to fulfill his duties. The chief makes sure to work our feline hard so he can blossom into the kind of reporter he wants to have in his employ.

Amorini No. 1

Making up one half of the duo that is the two Amorini, No. 1 is the one with a positive outlook, seeing himself as kind of a wise older sibling to his female counterpart, No. 2. The relationship between the two are never exactly defined and may even transcend the concept of interpersonal relationships- While they may look like ordinary children, they are actually other-wordly beings sent to Earth in order to study human customs (like holidays), under the watchful eye of the Omnipotent, Majestic Employer of Governing Affairs.

While No. 1 tries to undertake his studies with outmost optimism, he more or less has to make sure No. 2's cynical edge doesn't tonally ruin the subject under scrutiny, whatever it may be. No. 1 does recognize the importance of a different perspective which is why No. 2's total opposite of a personality can be tolerated and even encouraged. Different sides of the same coin, the two complete each other!

Amorino No. 2

Making up the other half of the duo that is The Two Amorini, No. 2 is the polar opposite of her male counterpart - Mean, ornery and tends to view whatever subject matter is currently studied in a negative light. She's the yang to No.1's yin!

Like him, she's been tasked to study the customs of humans under the employ of some higher authority - A task which she begrudingly tolerates at best as she doesn't hold mortals in the highest of regards. Her partner may be the one, single individual in the universe (apart from their employer) that she considers an equal. And even he recognizes that her hateful diatribes aren't arbitrary or without reason - In order to reach a meaningful understanding at whatever's being discussed, both Amorini has to say their piece!