Bonkie is a timid newspaper journalist who works at "The Daily Fuzz", a local paper distributed only in his hometown, Whiskerville (Häckleholm), Sweden. A good-natured fellow at heart, his morals will sometimes come at odds with his career, as seedy tacticts might be required to get a hold of the next big scoop! This constant struggle of balancing ethics with his job is an eternal dilemma for this poor tabby.

Generally having an aversion towards excitement and adventure, Bonkie prefers the simple life, but will nontheless find himself reluctantly partaking in high-flying adventures, partly thanks to the assignments given to him by his boss or due to the circumstances arising around the eccentric people he calls his friends and family.

Having severe self-esteem issues and being prone to light depressions, Bonkie's faith in himself would be described as "frail" at best. Easily crushed by setbacks, what he considers having a firm grasp on his own strengths and weaknesses, is merely a weak ego making excuses.

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